Crew of the Wormwood

On the 'The Man's Promise'

Captain Plugg – likes to kill people
Master Scourge
 Fipps Chumlet
 Jaundiced Jake – overboard with Grindylows
 Slippery Sy Lonnagan
 Arretta Bansion:

Kipper – gunner's mate
Patch patchsalt – bosun's mate

Sandara Quinn: gave us each something – disappeared 
Rosie cutswell

Owlbear: feathers & club, blind in one eye.
Ambrose (fishguts) Kroop: the cook
Conchobar Shortstone the gnomish bard – disappeared


On the Wormwood



Us & 6-7 others that Scourge barks at.
  Barefoot Sams: From the sodden Lands, would rather be a fisherwoman  

Habley Corn – the "Stitchman" – ship's carpenter
Cut-Throat Grok: Half-orc Quartermaster, serves grog, friends with Ambrose.
Peppery Longfarthing: Sailing Master: resident sorcerer.
    Message: "confirmed, I suggest we alter course accordingly" 
Cocky Tyroon: 12 yr old taster for captain
Female halfling: 
Female gnome: one eye
Dead – Rat faced halfing: missing 3 fingers on left hand
Crimson Cogward
Riaris Creem – lady who yells at us

Wormwood Loyalists
Captain Harrigan

Crew of the Wormwood

A pirate walked into a bar dreamdrake