Useful items:
    spyglass, leather armor, 6 spears

    coins: 1174gp

silver tankard, silver locket, 5 lbs of pepper in wax paper, trio of silver shoe buckles, gold ring, silver hat pin, 5 large silver buttons,

Scrimshaw octopus with a dozen gold rings. 6 pearls (75gp each). Scrimshaw blade (125gp), 8 silver ingots (20gp each). Hammerhead shark skull (250gp). Ivory walrus tusk set with gold (map of the shackles) 400gp, Harp from jaw of Orca set with pearls (500gp).

Magic Items:

Ring of swimming + 5 to swim
Potion of water breathing
Potion of cure moderate wounds.
Magic anchor feather token
Wand of Mirror Image (23 charges).
Wand of summon nature's ally 2 (12 charges).
Huge magic whale skull: scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy, and vampiric touch.
Vindictive harpoon, + 1 returning harpoon, made from the tusk of a narwhal (no penalties underwater).

Single lesser bracelet of archery (needs pair to work)



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