A pirate walked into a bar

Wade in the water

Ahh, giant bat mosquitos.

We swim into the cave, Lem dodges fishhook trapped seaweed. Grindylows attack! We kill them.

Sindara's hat looks very dashing on Tomag.

Fight a devilfish. It flees into a chamber where we find a Grindylow queen, her fat son grindylow "the whale", and grindylows eating Jaundiced Jape. He and Sindara are tied to the ceiling with silver ingots tied to their ankles. The queen cuts their bonds so they fall into the water.

We battle. Erivan saves Sindara then is eaten by the devilfish. Lem flanks "the whale" and stabs it to death. The queen flees and we defeat the remaining grindylows. Sindara heals Erivan who then stabs the devilfish in the mouth and kills it. We loot the cavern and kill two ghouls at the bottom.

Subsequent exploration leads us to the queen and four more grindylows. After a fierce battle we defeat them and take their gold encrusted scrimshaw treasures.




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