A pirate walked into a bar

Grindylows everywhere

Fight grindylows (they carry off Jaundiced Jake), ship runs aground.

Sindara Quinn, Conchabar missing.

Row over to the island, walk down the path and see some undead women in a clearing, turn around.

Walk to overgrown corn fields, fight off an Ankheg inside.

Continue walking and come across a stockade around a great tree. We see two creatures in the tree. We fight them.

Inside the lodge we find the hanged officer Aaron Ivy (we read his journal) who is now a ghast and kill him. Find out we are on Bonewrack island, Aaron's ship the Infernus is wrecked off the coast. Through a spyglass we see two grindylows frolicking in a cove, one wearing a hat that looks like Sindara's.

We walk down to the cove, Tomag gets ghoul fever from bot flies on the way (or maybe that ring he took off the ghoul finger…). Lem cliff jumps down into the cove, sees a cave which four grindylows disappear into. Tomag & Erivan climb down a rope.





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