A pirate walked into a bar

The Storm

During the storm

Cut throat goes overboard. Lem jumps in to save her. Erivan throws them a line.

Lem punches Ambrose, tries to catch a pig, eventually does.

Erivan & Tomag get exhausted working and get 6 lashes the following morning.

Cut throat gives us a great deal on buying all our equipment back. And gives Lem a potion of barkskin.

Go crab fishing. Fight 2 reefclaws. Get a potion of cure mod wounds, which we give to Barefoot Sams since she fought the best.

Boarding school. We practice boarding, Lem & Erivan succeed, Tomag fails.

We sight a rahadumy merchant vessel and give chase. Captain has Lem & Fishguts slaughter pigs & throw them overboard to attract sharks. We are tasked with attacking the stern and holding the wheel. "kill anyone who tries to leave on the boats or you'll answer to me", says Riaris Kreem




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