A pirate walked into a bar

Wade in the water

Ahh, giant bat mosquitos.

We swim into the cave, Lem dodges fishhook trapped seaweed. Grindylows attack! We kill them.

Sindara's hat looks very dashing on Tomag.

Fight a devilfish. It flees into a chamber where we find a Grindylow queen, her fat son grindylow "the whale", and grindylows eating Jaundiced Jape. He and Sindara are tied to the ceiling with silver ingots tied to their ankles. The queen cuts their bonds so they fall into the water.

We battle. Erivan saves Sindara then is eaten by the devilfish. Lem flanks "the whale" and stabs it to death. The queen flees and we defeat the remaining grindylows. Sindara heals Erivan who then stabs the devilfish in the mouth and kills it. We loot the cavern and kill two ghouls at the bottom.

Subsequent exploration leads us to the queen and four more grindylows. After a fierce battle we defeat them and take their gold encrusted scrimshaw treasures.


Grindylows everywhere

Fight grindylows (they carry off Jaundiced Jake), ship runs aground.

Sindara Quinn, Conchabar missing.

Row over to the island, walk down the path and see some undead women in a clearing, turn around.

Walk to overgrown corn fields, fight off an Ankheg inside.

Continue walking and come across a stockade around a great tree. We see two creatures in the tree. We fight them.

Inside the lodge we find the hanged officer Aaron Ivy (we read his journal) who is now a ghast and kill him. Find out we are on Bonewrack island, Aaron's ship the Infernus is wrecked off the coast. Through a spyglass we see two grindylows frolicking in a cove, one wearing a hat that looks like Sindara's.

We walk down to the cove, Tomag gets ghoul fever from bot flies on the way (or maybe that ring he took off the ghoul finger…). Lem cliff jumps down into the cove, sees a cave which four grindylows disappear into. Tomag & Erivan climb down a rope.



Battle for "The Man's Promise"

Erivan rushes aboard buckling swash left & right

Lem swings abord charging into the sailors.

We fight.

Lem takes down a sailor who was about to back stab the captain.

There is a explosion accompanied by billowing green smoke.

we defeat a few sailors

3 try to flee in a boat, we fight them.

another 2 plus an officer show up. With Sedara's help we fight them all.

We have captured The Man's Promise.

We are assigned to the new ship. A storm comes up, we sail into an area with reefs and small islands.

Grindylows come aboard



The Storm

During the storm

Cut throat goes overboard. Lem jumps in to save her. Erivan throws them a line.

Lem punches Ambrose, tries to catch a pig, eventually does.

Erivan & Tomag get exhausted working and get 6 lashes the following morning.

Cut throat gives us a great deal on buying all our equipment back. And gives Lem a potion of barkskin.

Go crab fishing. Fight 2 reefclaws. Get a potion of cure mod wounds, which we give to Barefoot Sams since she fought the best.

Boarding school. We practice boarding, Lem & Erivan succeed, Tomag fails.

We sight a rahadumy merchant vessel and give chase. Captain has Lem & Fishguts slaughter pigs & throw them overboard to attract sharks. We are tasked with attacking the stern and holding the wheel. "kill anyone who tries to leave on the boats or you'll answer to me", says Riaris Kreem


Fist fights

The meal is terrible, Ambrose is flogged as a result.

Erivan tries to convince the crew that the reason the feast was bad is that the captain is cursed.

We all sneak around at night, discover the top half of the door to the Quartermaster's is unlocked.

Lem chatted with Quartermaster Cutthroat.
Taras ran messages, one to the sailing master said, "confirmed, I suggest we alter course accordingly". He talks religion with Sindara Quinn.

Erivan fought Mr. Plugg, started off well, was defeated.
Tomag fought Owlbear, won because Owlbear is blind in his left eye. We healed owlbear. We have 100gp, we're rich! This pirate thing is starting to work out after all.

We awake, the deck is pitching, wind is howling, we're practically thrown from our hammocks by a storm.

Life at Sea

Rough notes:

We fought four toughs, One drew a dagger on us. Lem took down the biggest guy with one punch.
Mr Scourge gave us each 3 lashes for being late.
The cook got drunk so Lem snuck us some breakfast since we'd missed it.

Met "Owlbear" a not too talkative guy dressed in feathers, chained to the mast.
Taras drank several of our rations of rum

Next day is a feast of Besmara, pillaging day!
Found out Mr Plugg has a magic water throwing sword
Fought rats, Tomag gave his famous St Pillaging Day speech, "once more into the Bilge my friends". All got diseased, lvl 2

Starting to get to know the  https://apiratewalkedintoabar.obsidianportal.com/wikis/crew-of-the-wormwood crew

why does the ground keep moving?

Describe our first session here. We can all edit this.

Tomag arrives

The merchant ship lies quiet in port, offloaded the previous day. Her crew are now free to spend their wages as far from the captain's eye as they can manage. It's then that a figure steals down the single plankway that lies lazily against the pier. It's not the furtive flight of a slave. The glances over his shoulder and casual walk suggest perhaps a sailor who has paid his passage in service and has heard "just one more thing before you can go" a few ports too many. After a few blocks he straightens, switching his small sack of belongings from one shoulder to the other. Though the breeze carries smells of packed humanity and the nearby fish sellers, it adds a spring to his step and small tusks poke out in a smile.


It's a beautiful evening, a fresh sea breeze clearing away the stink of the town. The Formidably Maid overflows with laughter, shouts and frequent scuffles as sailors live their shore leave in a full throated roar. You notice the small sack tucked under a bench and the tusked smile now beaming out of a deep brown face as its owner banters with half a dozen patrons. Though he's clearly of orcish heritage many looks linger on the bold lines of his face. "Oh a tale of cyclops", the lilt of his voice draws you into the group, "a better one is of the magical songs of the Tien that drift across the open sea". Drinks flow and you find yourself part of a friendly argument about which pirates are the most feared and whether one can fight with a rapier while tangled upside down in the sails. 

At some point the half orc's attention turns to a dashing corsair who catches his eye, soon following her out the door. Which makes it very odd to see his same face smushed against the side of a barrel just inches from your own as you pull open your crusty eyelids. Is it morning? Where are you? His snoring would wake the dead, which from the feel of your head may include you. At least there is a catchy rhythm to the explosive exhalations and snorts. 

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