A pirate walked into a bar

Life at Sea

Rough notes:

We fought four toughs, One drew a dagger on us. Lem took down the biggest guy with one punch.
Mr Scourge gave us each 3 lashes for being late.
The cook got drunk so Lem snuck us some breakfast since we'd missed it.

Met "Owlbear" a not too talkative guy dressed in feathers, chained to the mast.
Taras drank several of our rations of rum

Next day is a feast of Besmara, pillaging day!
Found out Mr Plugg has a magic water throwing sword
Fought rats, Tomag gave his famous St Pillaging Day speech, "once more into the Bilge my friends". All got diseased, lvl 2

Starting to get to know the  https://apiratewalkedintoabar.obsidianportal.com/wikis/crew-of-the-wormwood crew



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