A pirate walked into a bar

Fist fights

The meal is terrible, Ambrose is flogged as a result.

Erivan tries to convince the crew that the reason the feast was bad is that the captain is cursed.

We all sneak around at night, discover the top half of the door to the Quartermaster's is unlocked.

Lem chatted with Quartermaster Cutthroat.
Taras ran messages, one to the sailing master said, "confirmed, I suggest we alter course accordingly". He talks religion with Sindara Quinn.

Erivan fought Mr. Plugg, started off well, was defeated.
Tomag fought Owlbear, won because Owlbear is blind in his left eye. We healed owlbear. We have 100gp, we're rich! This pirate thing is starting to work out after all.

We awake, the deck is pitching, wind is howling, we're practically thrown from our hammocks by a storm.



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